Google Analytics 4

Top Data Studio Dashboards for GA4

Ken Bandong
January 24, 2023

We understand that GA4 can sometimes be tricky or confusing. That is why it’s always a good practice to visualize your data in Data Studio. While our team has our own GA4 Data Studio Templates that you may take advantage of here(link to our dashboards), below are 3rd Party templates that in our opinion could bring value to your business.

Free Templates

Power My Analytics GA4 Dashboard Template

Supermetrics GA4 Dashboard Template

Portermetrics GA4 Dashboard Template

Two Minute Reports:

Paid Templates



Oviond GA4 Dashboard Template

NorthStar Analytics Ecommerce Dashboard Template

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Ken has been providing Analytics support and giving insights for 4 years and currently works as an Analytics Specialist at AnalyticsMates and Zen Anchor. He is passionate in providing meaningful insights through data captured in Google Analytics. When not analyzing data, he is frequently backpacking the mountains with his dog and enjoys the serenity of being one with nature.