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Are You Drowning In Google Analytics 4?
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Get instant access to certified GA4 Specialists to help you clean your data, identify your true north star, and set sail towards your business goals.

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Phase 1: Charting Your Course

Phase 1: Charting Your Course

Identifying Challenges:
  • Acknowledge present struggles as you navigate the digital seas.
  • Identify obstacles hindering progress on your voyage.
  • Initiate steps towards resolution to chart a smoother course ahead.
Planning the Journey:
  • Conduct a thorough audit of your digital presence, like charting the waters ahead.
  • Map out crucial tracking points using GA4, plotting key destinations on your voyage.
  • Develop a clear plan for implementation, ensuring your ship is well-prepared for the journey.
Setting Sail:
  • Set up GA4 tracking meticulously, like hoisting your sails with precision.
  • Test all systems rigorously for accuracy, ensuring your navigation instruments are finely tuned.
  • Ensure smooth data transmission and reception, preparing for a voyage of seamless discovery.


Phase 2: Navigating Familiar Seas

Phase 2: Navigating Familiar Seas

Weekly Reporting:
  • Provide your business weekly analysis, akin to receiving regular navigational updates.
  • Deliver custom insights and personalized recommendations from our GA4 certified specialists, guiding your course through familiar waters.
Clearer Insights + Analysis:
  • Craft compelling reports to enhance understanding, resembling a detailed map of your journey.
  • Offer insights beyond mere data analysis, providing a compass for strategic decision-making.
  • Deliver actionable recommendations based on collected data, like guiding stars lighting your path.
Staying Ahead of the Curve:
  • Stay informed with regular updates on GA4 best practices, staying ahead of shifting tides.
  • Provide straightforward insights derived from data, ensuring clarity amidst the digital currents.
  • Offer practical recommendations to optimize strategies, helping you navigate confidently through changing winds.


Phase 3: Exploring New Horizons

Phase 3: Exploring New Horizons

Customizable Insights:
  • Provide monthly, quarterly, and YoY comparison reports, offering a panoramic view of your digital landscape.
  • Deliver fully custom reporting tailored to complement your existing business reporting, like adding new charts to your navigational toolkit.
  • Empower informed decision-making and drive
Smarter Attribution:
  • GDPR, Cookie-less tracking, and more changes in online tracking have made attribution a challenge - Analytics Mates assist with multiple attribution models to measure campaigns in multiple ways
  • First Touch + Last Touch attribution reporting formats for any standardized reporting
  • Compare Google Analytics metrics against our internal business metrics to make certain we are navigating to our true north star
Embracing New Waters:
  • At sea, with an expert navigator, now we prepare to navigate towards more ambitious reporting.
  • Overcome new challenges that Google Analytics 4 and seize those opportunities. Any changes to the platform our Mates are up to date on and determine whether to implement in our accounts
  • You own your data, all of the reporting exists within your GA4 platform - all of our customization and assistance happens on the platforms you own

What our clients are saying

Analytics Mates has been instrumental in advising on metrics in Google Analytics and getting our custom reports set up so we can properly analyze our marketing efforts. They're friendly and patient and easy to work with.

Amanda Makrogianis Mickelsen

Amanda Makrogianis Mickelsen

Program Manager and Marketing Lead at Sanova Works

The team continues to impress the internal staff with their cost-per-lead metrics. Their careful handle of project management through Basecamp and regular touchpoints was a hallmark of their work.


Jonty Yamisha

CMO, Flexible Benefit

They're always ahead of the curve.

Ken Switzer

Ken Switzer

Senior Consultant, Creative Stratosphere Media

They were a pleasure to work with.

Lisa Sharer

Lisa Sharer

Director of Marketing Communications, Curve Dental
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Membership Benefits

Perks so good you’ll never need to go anywhere else for your reports. Seriously.

Reporting board
Add as many reporting requests to your specialist as you’d like.
Lightning fast delivery
Get your reports one at a time in just 1-2 days on average.
Fixed monthly rate
No surprises here! Pay the same
fixed price each month.
Clearer insights
Successful marketing is rooted in data and we vouch on insane reporting quality.
Flexible and scalable
Scale up or down as needed,
and pause or cancel at anytime.
People, not software
We're human. Our specialists can give you insights that AI isn't capable of (yet).

Get Ready for Google Analytics 4

The #1 Pay-As-You-Go, Google Analytics support service.
Get the Best Specialists Anywhere. No Annual Contracts — No Activation Fees


Why Analytics Mates?

We're former Googlers, with experience working for the Google Analytics 360 team that knew we could help businesses that couldn't afford that premium service directly from Google.

We built Analytics Mates to help Google Analytics users to migrate over to the new GA4 system and adapt all of their reports to the new platform.

How can you know how to properly sail through a sea of data if you don't have a reliable navigator?

  • 15+ years of marketing analytics experience

    15+ Years of Marketing Analytics Experience

  • certified google analytics consultants

    Certified Google Analytics Consultants

  • ga4 specialists

    Google Analytics 4 Certified Specialists

Google Partner

Google-certified Partner

Clutch badge: Top digital marketing company in Chicago

Top digital marketing company in Chicago

Clutch badge: Top digital marketing company in Illinois

Top digital marketing company in Illinois


Contact us for a free Google Analytics 4 Consultation.
Our subscriptions include unlimited reporting requests, unlimited revisions,
and editable reporting templates.


1 Website / Billed Monthly
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  • 1 Website Property Included
  • Unlimited Requests
  • 1 Google Analytics 4 Certified Specialist
  • 1-2 day Turnaround*
  • Unlimited Looker / Data Studio Support
  • Unlimited Google Tag Management support

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Unlimited Google Analytics Reporting" mean?

Analytics Mates offers a flat-rate service that allows you to submit endless Google Analytics reporting + Google Tag Management requests and revisions. Does that mean if you have a billion requests, you could send them all in? The answer is YES.

The requests you send in form a queue and our Analytics Mates work on one request at a time. Each request has a turnaround time of approximately 1 business day.

Which Analytics Mates subscription is right for my business?

It depends on how many websites you need to migrate. If you have 1 website, the Starter plan is where to begin. We work with eCommerce Managers + Digital Marketing Managers that handle dozens of sites - and so in that case offer a discount when you have 3 or more websites. We'll be offering multiple variants later in Q2, 2023.

What kind of reports can Analytics Mates create?

We want to be clear that the only metrics that we evaluate are pulled from one Google Analytics 4 property. It is the primary data source for all of our reporting. We do not provide support around specific ad channels (like Facebook Ads), CRMs (like Salesforce), or Affiliate tools (like, I don't know a bunch of platforms!).

We can create the following reports using Google Analytics as the source -

1. Looker / Google Data Studio Dashboards
--- eCommerce Revenue Reports
--- Acquisition Reports
--- Engagement Reports
--- Demographic Reports
--- A whole bunch more...

2. Google Analytics 4 Dashboards
--- The same as data studio reporting types, but with less visualizations

3. Google Analytics 4 Reoccurring Email Reports
--- PDF

What kind of reports doesn’t Analytics Mates offer?

If we can't get the data into Google Analytics 4, we can't do it.

So that means limited reports on revenue metrics (we recommend Paddle), digital advertising like Facebook Ads (we recommend Triple Whale), churn reports (we recommend Baremetrics), or email marketing reports (we recommend Klaviyo).

What details should my Google Analytics report request include?

We ask you to be as specific as possible - we'll want to know what insight you're looking for, and review any inspiration you may have - what type of reporting do you have today that is unsatisfactory?

To be more specific, the exact questions we ask for are -
1. Report Name
2. Categorization
3. Description - What are we trying to learn?
4. Date Range
5. Supporting Materials - Inspiration
6. Format (PDF, Dashboard, Google Sheet, etc...)
7. Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly...)
8. Priority

What’s included with my monthly subscription fee?

You get access to a Google Analytics 4 certified specialist to help you with all of your reporting needs. We are a team of Xooglers and digital marketing agency folks that have 15+ years of experience in using these GA and marketing analytics tools.

This monthly subscription allows you to log into a portal and make these requests to our Analytics Mate and receive unlimited support.

What does it mean to have a dedicated Analytics Specialist?

It means just that - you get unlimited access to a Google Analytics 4 Certified specialist.

Once we have limited access to your Google Analytics account, we'll get to work!

What about my private data?

You own the Google Analytics account, and  you own the data with Google. 
All of the reporting we generate may be created by us, but it's owned by you.

Your personal information and analytics data is stored in your Google Analytics account.

We can not legally share any report without your permission.
Our registration process includes a Non-Disclosure clause to protect you (and us).

Check out our terms of service for more of the legal details.

Do you back up Google Universal Analytics Data?

Yes. We can work with you to save your legacy Google Universal Analytics data. We also have featured instruction on how to do so our blog about Google Analytics back up data.

FAQs about Google Analytics 4

What’s the difference between Universal Analytics & Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is more than just an upgrade of Universal Analytics.

It’s a completely re-engineered system that redefines core concepts like users and sessions.

While its reporting modules still leave much to be desired (which is why you need Analytics Mates),
GA4 exceeds Universal Analytics in its new capacities for:

- Measuring users across devices and channels
- Increasing access to enhanced measurement insights, including machine learning and unsampled data
- Using analytics intelligence to predict customer behavior
- Integrating with Google Ads and Display & Video 360

Why do I need to transition now?

Universal Analytics properties stopped processing data on July 1, 2023. So, if you want to maintain year-over-year data in your new GA4 property, you need to configure your accounts by July 1, 2022. That said, any historical data is better than none. The earlier your GA4 migrations are complete, the more data you’ll have in the bank. Note: Even if you set up GA4 prior to July 1, 2023, we recommend parallel tracking with both GA4 and Universal Analytics as a failsafe option.

Will all of my website data transfer to GA4?

Currently, there is no Google-provided or -recommended way to save your existing Universal Analytics data. However, Analytics Mates has experience with several different methods of archiving your UA data while still being able to report from it.

Will year-over-year reporting still work with GA4 data retention limits?

Google Analytics 4 is limited in the data it stores. Unlike Universal Analytics, it only retains 14 months of data at a time. Therefore, you’ll need a data warehousing solution like BigQuery to store the rest. As part of your migration services, Analytics Mates will help you set up your BigQuery data streams so that you can export all of your historical data for storage. BigQuery management is not done by our team - we will give recommendations on how to set this up.

Why Analytics Mates?

At our digital marketing agency, Zen Anchor Digital, we  train our team on all the latest industry developments, including new Google Analytics updates. In 2022, our reporting specialists produced  in-depth, detailed Google Analytics 4 Data Studio reports for our clients, integrating metrics into clear, readable dashboards. This was necessary because Google Analytics is making substantial changes in 2023.

We then thought -
Why are we just doing this for Zen Anchor clients?
Why can't we offer this to any business with a Google Analytics set up?
Are there smaller businesses that could benefit?

The answers - "because they pay us, we can offer it, absolutely".

And hence, Analytics Mates was born - to help you sail through the difficult seas of data.

As your Google Analytics 4 certified consultants, we’ll do the same —
we'll provide expertise and personal attention to set your marketing reports up for success.

We were built by a Google  Partnered digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience helping businesses like yours grow revenue. Analytic Mates is designed to take that expertise and focus it on the key area of marketing reporting support.

Still have questions? Email us at

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