Google Data Studio

Top 10 External Data Studio Tools

Iryna Chumachenko
October 18, 2022

Below are TOP-10 external data studio tools on our opinion. They are designed for different purposes and together make a strong mix. Not all of them are free, but we liked how the data was structured there

Mobile data studio dashboard

It will be useful for business owners and marketers as we often check the latest data on the go

Data Bloo eCommerce dashboard

A very detailed one-page dashboard that integrates with GA4 and Universal Analytics. For the moment this article is written this is the most detailed GA4 eCommerce dashboard

Periodic Revenue template

To understand marketing optimizations businesses often need to compare data not only with the previous period sinse they were made, but also with previous year. We like in this dashboard that we can take weekly/monthly/quaterly overview and easily compare with previous period or year

Goal completions by channels template

The one-page report shows goals breakdown by each channel with previous year compression. Useful for businesses that run not eCommerce projects

Goals report template

Contains 6 pages with detailed breakdown. Shows at the same time breakdown by selected date range, month, quarter to date, and year to date performance

Google Analytics sessions template

Beautiful visualization to see total and geo traffic on each GA view, which can be chosen directly in report

Multichannel template

Useful for analysing different ad accounts and channel performance

Funnel report

It will be useful if it’s needed to see funnel visualization. Contains funnel report by all website, but also in detailed breakdown

Generic report template

Contains several pages with detailed acquisition and source breakdown

Month over month performance template

This template contains different performance metrics to compare month over month.

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